Invisalign Treatment

Secretly Straighten Your Smile: Invisalign

Does the idea of showing off your straight, beautiful smile make you so happy it gives you chills? How about when you imagine flashing a smile full of metal braces while you align your teeth? Perhaps that makes you shudder. If you have dedicated time to considering modes of improvement to align your teeth – but traditional braces simply will not do – you may wish to learn more about Invisalign treatment.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

Most patients who walk through our doors will find that their smiles are not quite as vibrant and white as they were when they were children. While you may feel guilty about your smile’s change in color, we encourage you to recognize that yellowing and darkening is just a fact of life. Whether you suffer from discoloration from wear and tear,

You Can Straighten Your Teeth

Most people with a crooked smile fear that they cannot correct the issue. Some teeth overlap, others are tilted, and in some cases the entire bite is misaligned. In most malocclusion cases, byproduct issues exist, such as: worn enamel, irregular occlusal surfaces, TMJ Disorder (extreme cases), or sensitive teeth. Depending on the crookedness of your teeth or smile,

Craze Lines—The Cosmetic Tooth Cracks

When you think of a cracked tooth, you might automatically wince, considering the pain that tooth damage is typically associated with. Yet, like most dental issues, even cracks can occur to degrees, and in minor cases, you might not even know they are there until you see them. Cosmetic tooth cracks, or craze lines, affect only the outer layer of your teeth,