Benefits of White Fillings

Have you heard the news? You no longer need to worry about a darkened tooth or the side effects associated with metal fillings. If we have diagnosed you with a cavity, we realize you are likely concerned with a long list of items. First, you would probably like your discomfort to end if your tooth decay is painful. Next, you are probably worrying about how this will affect the appearance of your smile, as well as how it will affect your oral health in the long run. Fortunately, we do not offer metal fillings. Instead, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of white fillings, which is the type of restorative treatment we offer for your tooth decay. Wondering what to expect and why we think you should be pretty happy about treatment? Learn more:

White Fillings Look Beautiful – But You Can’t See Them

A white filling is made of composite – a putty-like synthetic acrylic-resin material. It is not actually bright white. Instead, we will customize its shade to match the tooth that we will be treating. This means that your tooth will continue to look beautiful and you will not even be able to identify where your tooth tissue ends and the filling begins. You can forget all about that tooth decay and simply enjoy taking care of your smile.

You Will Remain Comfortable

Composite offers a long list of benefits. We offer white fillings not only for their cosmetic benefits but also for the following:

  • Unlike metal, composite does not heat up or become extremely cold, so you do not have to worry about temperature-related sensitivity with this type of filling.
  • White fillings bond to your tooth tissue, which is something that metal does not do, so you can expect a comfortable fit – we will adjust your filling once we place it to make sure your bite feels balanced.
  • Are you pregnant? Allergic to metal? White fillings are free of mercury and metal, so you can rest easy about your candidacy.

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