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CariVu Imaging


CariVu Imaging

CariVu lets us see the interior of teeth in a way we never before imagined. Using near-infrared transillumination technology and zero ionizing radiation, the CariVu’s creates an aura of light, having the tooth appear translucent on camera and video images. While the tooth shows as light in color, the cracks, cavities, and areas of decay darken with precise lines on the screen. Using the CariVu, we can now detect tooth decay with 99% accuracy.

Prevention is Key

With the new CariVu, we can identify a potential cavity sooner, giving more time to take preventative measures before it becomes an issue. By knowing an area is showing signs of increased decay, our patient can adjust his dental habits and oral higene to halt the decay before it turns into a cavety and spreads.

Knowledge for Precise Repairs

Previously, when encountering a crack in a tooth, we were unable to see the depth and extent of the damage without drilling the tooth during the repair process. Now, we are able to see everything, making us better equipped to make informed treatment decisions, which can range from needing a filling, to needing a crown, to needing a root canal.

Safe for Everyone

CariVu uses ionizing radiation, not the standard x-ray waves. Whereas x-rays put off a level of potentially harmful radiation, the ionizing radiation is safe for all, particularly at-risk people, such as pregnant women and children.


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