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Cosmetic Dentist: Invisalign Brings Confidence to Braces

Can you imagine what your workday would be like if you walked in with metal braces on your teeth? The drive to work would be standard enough, but you might begin to notice a change when you walked through the front door and greeted a coworker with a smile. The reaction might be nothing more than a slight falter in your coworker’s smile or slightly widened eyes, perhaps even the smallest of pauses, but these miniscule signals would speak volumes. You might begin to feel self-conscious and begin hiding your smile, becoming tight-lipped and reserved. Talk about a rapid change in your attitude. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people who choose to straighten their teeth. However, if you choose to receive clear braces from your Milford cosmetic dentist, Dr. Helms, your experience with orthodontic treatment may be very different.

Living with Clear Braces

Invisalign is designed with adults and older teens in mind. As childhood comes to a close, the social stigma attached to wearing braces begins to grow. Invisalign aims to make braces accessible beyond childhood by offering a very discreet method of orthodontic treatment that makes use of multiple clear aligners to reposition teeth. Patients must progress through these aligners that will gradually reposition their teeth to the desired alignment in intervals of about two weeks. This system is especially convenient when mealtimes or homecare is involved. Being able to remove the aligners opens a much wider menu than is allowed for standard braces, and homecare is delightfully simple as patients can simply brush and floss normally once they have taken out their aligners.

However, the single greatest benefit that Invisalign offers patients is self-confidence. Let’s revisit the scenario above with clear braces instead of metal braces. Your morning would go off without a hitch. You could say hello with a wide smile and enjoy the fact that no look of startled surprise would cross your coworker’s face, and that simple victory would be enough to solidify your confidence in your decision to straighten your teeth.

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