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You Can Straighten Your Teeth

Most people with a crooked smile fear that they cannot correct the issue. Some teeth overlap, others are tilted, and in some cases the entire bite is misaligned. In most malocclusion cases, byproduct issues exist, such as: worn enamel, irregular occlusal surfaces, TMJ Disorder (extreme cases), or sensitive teeth. Depending on the crookedness of your teeth or smile,

Craze Lines—The Cosmetic Tooth Cracks

When you think of a cracked tooth, you might automatically wince, considering the pain that tooth damage is typically associated with. Yet, like most dental issues, even cracks can occur to degrees, and in minor cases, you might not even know they are there until you see them. Cosmetic tooth cracks, or craze lines, affect only the outer layer of your teeth,

How CEREC Makes Dental Crowns in a Day

Though they’re among the most popular restorative and cosmetic dentistry options, dental crowns aren’t always recommended, especially if a tooth can be improved without having to reshape its natural crown. When one is called-for, however, a crown may be the best option for restoring a damaged tooth’s strength and improving its appearance. With innovative CEREC technology,

Questions for Your Cosmetic Dentist

You might know that your smile isn’t as bright and beautiful as it once was, but you might not be exactly sure about the nature of your dental blemishes. If so, then it’s likely you won’t know that you have several options available for treating them, as well. When it comes to improving your smile,

3 Things to Know About Porcelain Veneers

Do you smile at yourself in the mirror and wish that you could easily fix the few minor blemishes that prevent it from being perfect? If your teeth were just stained, or you only had one chipped tooth, than a solution would likely be simple (teeth whitening or noninvasive dental bonding, for instance). However, when more than one tooth is marred by more than one kind of issue,

What is Malocclusion, and Why Is It Important?

How well do your teeth fit together when your mouth is closed and your jaws at rest? More specifically, what influence does the alignment of your teeth have on your overall oral health? The term “occlusion” refers to the order and alignment of your teeth, which is vital to your smile’s good health and proper function.