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Invisalign Treatment

Secretly Straighten Your Smile: Invisalign

Does the idea of showing off your straight, beautiful smile make you so happy it gives you chills? How about when you imagine flashing a smile full of metal braces while you align your teeth? Perhaps that makes you shudder. If you have dedicated time to considering modes of improvement to align your teeth – but traditional braces simply will not do – you may wish to learn more about Invisalign treatment. We are a certified Invisalign provider and, having straightened many a grin with this nearly invisible treatment, can tell you one thing for certain: The benefits of treatment will absolutely make you smile.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is similar to traditional braces in that it shifts your teeth into their proper order to achieve an aligned smile. Aside from that and the fact that they typically require a similar investment as metal braces, the two treatments are quite different. Instead of visiting us for impressions and then returning for metal brackets and wires, you will visit us to receive the first in your series of clear aligner trays. You will wear them over your teeth for 20 to 22 hours each day to address your misalignment.

Why People Love Invisalign

Patients tend to become enthusiastic about Invisalign treatment in part because the trays are made out of BPA-free, smooth, clear plastic that is practically invisible and that is crafted to cause minimal to no irritation. You will also enjoy the following advantages if you choose aligner trays:

  • You will not have to change your diet or daily food habits, since you may remove the trays from your mouth
  • You will be able to continue caring for your smile as usual
  • Your treatment will not interfere with your social life or your career – few people will notice the trays (if any) and you will quickly learn to speak articulately while wearing them

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