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You Can Straighten Your Teeth

Most people with a crooked smile fear that they cannot correct the issue. Some teeth overlap, others are tilted, and in some cases the entire bite is misaligned. In most malocclusion cases, byproduct issues exist, such as: worn enamel, irregular occlusal surfaces, TMJ Disorder (extreme cases), or sensitive teeth. Depending on the crookedness of your teeth or smile, your Sensitive Care dentist will devise a plan that fits your needs. Various treatments and procedures exist to realign your teeth into a beautiful arc.

Your Options

Depending on the event of your misalignment, your dentist will advise a few different options listed below:

  • Invisalign: This treatment involves virtually invisible plastic trays, custom fitted to your smile, to move your teeth in small increments to achieve your perfect smile. Your dentist will advise on how long or often you need to change trays during the straightening process. If you qualify as a candidate for Invisalign, you will be able to wave traditional metal braces goodbye.
  • Minor Teeth Movement (MTM): This method boasts a three to six month turnaround time on realigning your teeth in to a beautiful smile. An impression is taken of your teeth to create custom fitted trays for the process.

The Overall Benefits To Straight Teeth

Not only does your smile look aesthetically pleasing when even, but it also prevents other more serious issues from occurring. Cosmetically speaking, your straight smile is easier to clean for a hygienist and it is more socially appealing. From a prevention standpoint, a straight smile reduces the chance of TMJ Disorder and inherent wear or damage to the teeth. Crowding of teeth is also diminished or removed entirely, which means tooth decay is less likely to occur, as well.

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