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How Dental Implants Improve Dentures

Many of the struggles that denture wearers experience stem from the fact that dentures can grow unstable over time. Simply by wearing the dentures day after day, the ridges on the jaw will begin to wear down. As a result, the dentures will not fit as precisely, causing the suction that is needed to hold the dentures steady to fail. According to your Milford dentists, when dentures do not fit precisely, they will slide in the mouth, causing physical irritation. The instability of sliding dentures also increases the risk of embarrassment as the dentures may slip at inopportune times during social situations. In addition, dentures that slide in the mouth will cause the facial muscles to grow tense in an unconscious effort to keep the dentures stable. Unfortunately, tense facial muscles are not conducive to clear speech, and words tend to become garbled or slurred as a result.

A Closer Look at Implant Dentures

When dental implants are used to support dentures, the stability of the dentures no longer relies on suction. Thus, the performance of the dentures will not worsen over time. In addition, because there is no longer a need for suction, the palate can remain uncovered, resulting in an improved sense of taste.

Dental implants stabilize dentures by acting in a similar way to teeth’s roots. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone, which fuses with them in a process called osseointegration. The fusion of implant and bone creates a sturdy foundation to which the dentures themselves will be attached. Having a foundation in the jawbone also results in a natural feel that can lead patients to forget that they are wearing prosthetic teeth at all.

Implant Dentures In Milford

If you are tired of struggling with your dentures, your Milford dentists at Sensitive Care Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can help you find a solution. Oftentimes, dental implants take three to six months to heal following the implant procedure. However, your Milford dentists are among a select few who offer Teeth in a Day to patients who qualify. Teeth in a Day shortens the implant procedure to a single dental visit, allowing patients to receive dental implants and their attached prosthetic teeth in the same day.

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