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Dental Implants Equal More Realistic Dentures

Today’s dentures are designed using innovative technology, and crafted with remarkably lifelike materials, to create realistic replacement teeth that look identical to healthy, natural teeth. However, as natural as they appear, conventional dentures (and partial dentures and dental bridges) lack a crucial component that your teeth rely on; their roots. For more realistic dentures in both appearance and function,

Missing Teeth? Take Our Partial Dentures Quiz

If you are missing one or more non-adjacent teeth, you may be considering partial dentures at our Milford dental practice. By replacing your teeth with lifelike synthetic teeth, you can improve your appearance and, even more significantly, protect your dental health for years to come. Before you receive your partial dentures, however, you should have a thorough understanding of the procedure.

How Dental Implants Improve Dentures

Many of the struggles that denture wearers experience stem from the fact that dentures can grow unstable over time. Simply by wearing the dentures day after day, the ridges on the jaw will begin to wear down. As a result, the dentures will not fit as precisely, causing the suction that is needed to hold the dentures steady to fail.