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Benefits of White Fillings

Have you heard the news? You no longer need to worry about a darkened tooth or the side effects associated with metal fillings. If we have diagnosed you with a cavity, we realize you are likely concerned with a long list of items. First, you would probably like your discomfort to end if your tooth decay is painful.

How Tooth-Colored Fillings Treat Cavities Better

By the time you reach middle age, there’s a high chance that you will experience a cavity (tooth decay) in at least one of your teeth. Though they are highly preventable, cavities affect the majority of adults and children in the United States to varying degrees, from mild to severe. In most cases, a dental filling can stop a minor cavity from becoming serious.

Milford Dentist on the Benefits of Cosmetic Composite Fillings

When you flash a smile, you can brighten someone’s day and even make an instant connection which could last a lifetime. Studies indicate that smiling elevates a person’s mood and can convey a sense of confidence. Many people feel embarrassed about showing their smile due to unsightly amalgam fillings or metal-colored fillings. Recent research shows that people with brighter smiles experience better job growth and even higher pay than folks whom conceal their smile.

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