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Dentists with a Heart Day

Saturday, April 1st from 9am – 2pm

On Saturday, April 1st, the staff of Sensitive Care will hold their Annual Day of Giving: “Doctors with a Heart Day.” On this special day, we provide FREE Dental Services for those in need in the community.

Single visit office procedures will be provided free of charge and include:

• Cleanings
• Exams
• X-rays
• Extractions
• Denture Repairs
• Same Day Restorative Dentistry

On this day,

Milford Implant Dentist On Options for Affording Dentistry

Dental treatment can be very expensive. Even though dentists constantly strive to hold the costs of procedures down, sometimes the work requires a significant investment of time, resources, and technology. Your Milford implant dentist, Dr. Mitchell I. Quintner, discusses the ways patients can finance their dental work in his Connecticut office.

Dental Insurance
Many health insurance companies offer dental insurance as a supplement to the regular health insurance.