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Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary

Dr. Mitchell Quintner

35 years is a generation.
35 years seems like a lifetime.
35 years is how long it’s been since Sensitive Care first opened its doors.

35 years ago, I opened Sensitive Care, fittingly in the same Milford house I went to as a boy for my dental care. Back then, it was just me and my focus for restorative dental work: cavities, tooth repair, cleanings. My goal was to provide each patient with a gentle, sensitive, hands-on experience with patience and understanding. Since that first day, my goal has remained the same, but I’ve been blessed to see my practice grow, change, and move forward.

From one man alone in a dental house, to a family practice with my son Doctor Alex, to now a dental center with 7 doctors, 8 hygienists, 10 dental assistants and a team of over 30 dedicated professionals, Sensitive Care has exceeded my simple dreams from the early years. If someone had told me that sticking to my goals of quality and care would bring me where we are today, I would have been stunned.

Today we still remain focused on providing a sensitive, hands-on experience, but we can now do so across many dental specialties. We have stayed ahead of other practices, employing the latest in technology to isolate and treat problems before they become serious issues. We can offer exceptional services in-house, instead of referring patients out of office for treatments like periodontics, dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic veneers and so on. We have even added a pediatric specialist, so the whole family can be treated under one roof.

I am thankful for these 35 years, and I am most thankful for YOU. Thank you for being a Sensitive Care patient, supporter, and follower. Thank you for allowing us to help you achieve the best smile, best bite, and best dental experience in Fairfield County. Thank you for embracing Sensitive Care as we grew, changed office locations, and mastered new technology.

Most importantly, thank you for being part of the Sensitive Care Family!