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Leading the Way with Dental Technology

Dr. Mitchell Quintner

There seems to be a line drawn across the dental world right now of offices living in the past, poking around blindly with dental probes to find potential problems, and offices using available technology to anticipate and prevent dental issues before they take root. We at Sensitive Care don’t believe education ends when they pass you your diploma, and we don’t believe you should ignore opportunities to better your precision and decrease a patient’s discomfort. We’ve embraced technology, and we’d like to tell you a bit about what new dental tech we have and how it can enhance your dental visit.

One Visit Crowns with the CEREC Machine
Not too long ago, getting a crown was an ordeal involving 2-3 visits. During these visits, patients could anticipate biting on a goop-tray, filing the tooth, adding a temporary crown, being careful for a week or two when eating, coming for another visit to add a permanent crown, fitting it, and hoping it works out and doesn’t involve more molds and castings… and waiting. With the CERAC Machine in our office, the wait is over. We can now take a 3D scan of the tooth, print a new one in-house, and place it all in the same visit. If the print is imperfect, we can print another immediately. Less visits for the patient. More precise results for all! Learn More about CEREC

3D X-Rays for a More Complete Picture with the CBCT Cone Beam Machine
Standard x-rays give us a great sense of a tooth’s general health, but they don’t always tell the full story. By creating a 2D image, the angle and placement can leave a lot of room for error and mis-understanding. The new CD Core Machine leaves nothing to the imagination. We can see all the surfaces of the tooth, the depth of the roots, the health of the gums, if there are any pockets of decay or gaps that may cause issues if untreated. We can find the cause of pain, if it is tooth-centric, a root infection, or stemming from a less specific source. We can focus on each individual tooth’s health in a new way, with a simple 60 second x-ray that rotates around the full mouth, capturing every angle and depth. Learn More about the CBCT Cone Beam

Whiter Teeth without the Wait with Zoom
Not everyone has time to sit around with trays of dental bleach at home. Most people want to see results now, instead of over the course of a few weeks. They worry that they will forget, skipping a treatment, then not following through. With Zoom Whitening, our patients get to walk out with bright teeth within a single treatment. Our trained staff is able to target more stain-resistant areas and create an even, bright smile without shadows or splotching. This treatment has become a favorite for people with upcoming events like weddings, awards, and milestone birthday parties. Learn More about Teeth Whitening

No Numb Lips with STA Single Tooth Anesthesia
Few like the feeling of a numb lip with crooked sensation after having a dental procedure. It is something we’ve all put up with to keep our teeth healthy and in good repair. But now, thanks for the STA Single Tooth Anesthesia, we can target our numbing agent to a more specified area, reducing sensation of the tooth we are working on, without the need to numb up the entire area. Additionally, the numbing is instantaneous, so we can begin treatment immediately and get you back to your day in even less time. Learn More about STA Single Tooth Anesthesia

With these tech and treatment break-throughs, a dental visit takes less time, shows quicker results, and our dental staff have the tools of precision beyond what we could have imagined a decade ago. It still amazes me that so few patients know that these options exist. So spread the word, and help us bring a healthier smile to the world.