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Milford Dentist Has Tips for Your Child’s Dental Emergency

Being a parent is a tough job. Kids can drive their parents crazy with their antics. But while most of their behavior only makes you laugh and love them more, a real emergency is genuinely scary. At one time or another, most parents find themselves caring for a child in an emergency. If your child has a dental emergency, try the following tips from your Milford pediatric dentist, Dr. Mitchell I. Quintner.

Caring for Your Child in a Dental Emergency

If your child has a cracked or broken tooth, your immediate goal is to ward against infection, because the inner part of the tooth will be exposed to bacteria. To reduce the risk of infection, rinse your child’s mouth as soon as possible after the injury. Next, contact Dr. Quintner immediately. In the case of a cracked or broken tooth, dental care should be administered quickly to relieve your child’s discomfort. Lastly, lessen potential swelling by using a cold compress.

If your child knocks out a tooth, contact Dr. Quintner immediately. As with a cracked or broken tooth, your child will be at risk for infection, so prompt dental care is vital. Next, look for the lost tooth. If you can find it, you have two options. First, you can try to place the tooth back in its socket. However, many parents are reluctant to do so, for fear of causing their children further pain. If you fail to replace the tooth or if you decide not to attempt it, immerse the tooth in milk and take it with you on your visit to Dr. Quintner.

A far less severe emergency is a child’s toothache. However, if their children are in pain, parents often consider it an emergency. To relieve a toothache, rinse the mouth with warm water and floss the affected area. If the toothache persists or you see damage to the tooth or gums, schedule a dental visit.

Visit Your Milford Pediatric Dentist

If your child has a dental emergency, contact your Milford pediatric dentist by calling 203-878-6699. Our 06460 cosmetic and pediatric dentistry office welcomes patients from Milford, Orange, Woodmont, West Haven, and all neighboring communities.

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