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Craze Lines—The Cosmetic Tooth Cracks

When you think of a cracked tooth, you might automatically wince, considering the pain that tooth damage is typically associated with. Yet, like most dental issues, even cracks can occur to degrees, and in minor cases, you might not even know they are there until you see them. Cosmetic tooth cracks, or craze lines, affect only the outer layer of your teeth,

How Sedation Makes Dentistry More Comfortable

Dental treatment can only benefit your smile if you undergo it. For many patients, that isn’t as easy as it may seem to others. Dental fears and phobias, the reasons for which differ for everyone, can cause varying levels of anxiety at the thought of sitting in the dental chair. To help put your mind at ease and relax enough to receive necessary treatment,

A Look At Teeth Straightening With Sensitive Care

Most cosmetic dentistry treatments are considered elective enhancements to one’s smile. Differing from preventive dentistry, cosmetic alterations to a patient’s teeth are typically requested to improve their smile aesthetics instead of prevent disease or infection. However, in some cases general and cosmetic dentistry blend to allow for both benefits that come along with each type of treatment.

Learn More About The Minor Tooth Movement System

Do you have a gap? How about minimally crooked teeth? Can you tell that your teeth are overlapped? Enhancing your smile is an investment in you, and it can benefit in personal, social, and professional endeavors. The alignment of your teeth also assist in providing health to your entire oral cavity. So, help yourself and invest in your smile with a cosmetic dentistry treatment from Sensitive Care Cosmetic and Family Dentistry called Minor Tooth Movement (MTM) Clear Aligner.

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