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Root Canal Therapy: The Essential Information

When we tell patients that we can save their tooth with a root canal, we are most often met with horror rather than with a sense of relief. While an option for rescuing your tooth should certainly bring with it a sense of joy, we understand that you may feel hesitant because you are not quite sure what to expect form root canal therapy. Fortunately, this restorative treatment can greatly improve your comfort and oral health. Rather than hesitate to schedule your appointment, we invite you to learn about the details so you feel wonderful about your upcoming treatment.

Why You Need It

You need root canal treatment when your dental pulp becomes infected or damaged. Dental pulp is the tissue that lines your root canals – or the lowermost hollow chambers of your teeth. The tissue, nerves, and blood vessels within your roots keep your tooth alive and healthy. Unfortunately, damaged pulp will not heal. The good news is, however, that we can remove the pulp and keep you from undergoing an extraction. Even without pulp, your tooth can remain in your mouth if properly treated.

What Is Therapy Like?

Root canal therapy is comfortable and effective. We always begin treatments by numbing the affected area and surrounding tissue to ensure your comfort. We will then carefully remove the dental pulp from your tooth, cleaning the interior portion. To complete the procedure, we will seal and fill your tooth – in most cases, we will then place a beautiful crown to restore your tooth’s structure.

Why You Should Schedule An Appointment

By neglecting this treatment, your tooth may suffer from severe consequences. In fact, your entire mouth is at risk for potential oral health decline. Root canal therapy offers the following benefits, which is why you should schedule your appointment:

  • It may protect your tooth from becoming severely infected
  • Root canal treatment may prevent the infection from abscessing
  • Stopping the infection prevents its potential spread to surrounding healthy tissues
  • Saving your tooth from removal prevents you from the need for a costly tooth replacement

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