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Teeth Whitening Methods

Dr. Kristin Helms

Yellowing teeth can happen to anyone. Eating the wrong foods: blueberries, high sugar, simple carbohydrates. Drinking the wrong drinks: coffee, teas, red wine. Smoking. Taking certain medications. Mouthwashes. Genetics. Too much fluoride. Poor dental care. Age. It seems like yellow teeth are unavoidable. Thankfully, even when prevention of yellowing hasn’t taken hold,

Teeth Whitening Solutions

Most patients who walk through our doors will find that their smiles are not quite as vibrant and white as they were when they were children. While you may feel guilty about your smile’s change in color, we encourage you to recognize that yellowing and darkening is just a fact of life. Whether you suffer from discoloration from wear and tear,

Healthier Ways to a Brighter Smile

Teeth stains are a widespread nuisance, and can occur naturally for a number of different reasons. Because of the frequency of tooth stains, teeth-whitening is perhaps the most commonly requested cosmetic dental procedure today. Many toothpaste brands and other hygiene products advertise their benefits for whitening your teeth, and you can buy products specifically meant to brighten your smile in most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Can Your Teeth Be Too White?

There is no doubt that our society is obsessed with perfection. The media inundates us with unrealistic standards of beauty, and the constant barrage of photoshopped images can have harmful effects on both women and men. Eating disorders are the most common and deadly consequence of these impossible standards, but dentists and mental health specialists are becoming aware of another growing problem.

Maintaining Your Smile after Teeth Whitening

When you choose to have teeth whitening treatment at our Milford practice, you are making a great investment in your smile and overall appearance. While teeth whitening is extremely effective and can leave your teeth up to eight shades whiter, it is not permanent. However, there are certain things you can do to maintain your whiter smile and prolong the effects of your treatment.