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Digital Imaging


Digital Imaging

Intraoral cameras and dental digital imaging allow you to witness the dramatic results of your dental work. You can view stunning before and after photos with this dental technology.

Our camera will also help educate you on the current status of your teeth. We can determine whether your gums and oral tissues—including existing fillings, crowns, gum recession, and stains—should be put on “watch” to observe in the future. Sensitive Care Cosmetic and Family Dentistry’s dental digital imaging technology offers our Milford, CT region patients many benefits.

  • Enhances up to 25 times magnification to help the patient see decay, broken fillings, and fractures on teeth.
  • Allows us to monitor any areas of concern and have basis for comparison.
  • Allows patients to visualize and understand their problems and participate in codiagnosing their dental needs.
  • Stains and calculus can be seen.

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