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Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)

The art and science of creating picture-perfect smiles is alive & well at Sensitive Care. We make sure our patients can smile with confidence.


Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)

Achieving the perfect smile through orthodontic treatment is an investment in you!

MTM® Clear•Aligner is the virtually undetectable way to align your smile without traditional braces. Using clear, removable aligners the MTM® System corrects slight misalignments (such as crowding or gaps) in as little as three to six months. Each aligner is custom fabricated, to progressively advance the teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a healthy and beautiful smile. All for just a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontic treatment.

While most people think of orthodontics as a cosmetic procedure, an improved smile is really just a popular side-effect of proper tooth alignment. Properly aligned teeth contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and can help prevent more serious health problems from arising. Misaligned teeth can lead to stress on the jaw muscles and joints as well as excessive wear of the enamel which negatively affects the long-term health of the teeth and their supporting bone structures. Crowded or gapped teeth can be difficult to care for and can lead to periodontal disease with associated gum and bone loss, and in some cases, the possible loss of one or more teeth.

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