COVID-19 Enhanced Safety Protocols




Pre-Treatment Info:

  • No preparation is required before treatment.
  • If you require medication for dental anxiety or need to take pre-medication for specific procedures, our doctors can provide the necessary prescription to suit your needs. We can also provide Nitrous Oxide to calm you during your dental visit. Please inform the doctor prior to your dental visit.

Post-Treatment Info:

  • Practice reading aloud in front of mirror.
  • Take dentures out every night while sleeping to allow tissues to breathe.
  • Adjustments may be needed and are common. Please call immediately with any sore spots.
  • Like anything new, it takes time to get used to.
  • Brush dentures with hard brush at least once a day to keep area clean and prevent staining and bad breath.
  • May use a product on the market to soak. We recommend Stain Away.
  • To remove tough stains: Use White Vinegar or very Diluted Bleach (use a few drops of bleach to a full cup of water only if no metal is present).
  • Do not forget to brush your gums. Use a very soft brush to remove plaque, stimulate circulation and avoid bad breath.
  • Do not forget to brush any remaining teeth.
  • Continue with hygiene visits to ensure the health of your teeth and oral environment.
  • Recommend hygiene visit once a year for full dentures and every 6 months if you have remaining teeth.