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Commonly Asked Questions About X-rays

Dental X-rays are useful images that can tell us more about the state of your oral health than just examining your mouth can. In many cases, tooth decay and disease can’t be diagnosed by observation with the naked eye, and the images we take provide a look into the hidden structures of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.  Digital x-rays are faster and use less radiation than the standard type, so we can help make your experience more comfortable than you might expect.

How Often Do You Need X-rays?

The frequency of dental X-rays typically depends on how often the dentist believes you need them. Factors to consider include your age (children may need them more often than adults), dental history, and when you last had them. New patients will generally require x-rays to determine the current state of their oral health. We may advise that pregnant women do not have the scans as a precaution.

How Dangerous is the Radiation?

As dentists, we are trained to minimize your exposure to radiation by only taking images as needed, using advanced technology that emits less radiation, and providing you with protective gear, such as lead aprons. Digital X-rays are also faster and more accurate than conventional ones, producing crystal-clear images virtually in an instant that can be projected onto a digital screen for viewing and analysis.

Why do You Need X-rays?

Digital dental imaging can accurately pinpoint a host of different developing issues, sometimes before you have even developed noticeable symptoms. Finding the issues earlier gives you more treatment options and a greater chance of success with non-invasive treatment. X-rays can discover if you have:

  • Dental injuries
  • Wisdom teeth that may become, or already have become, impacted underneath the gums
  • Cysts, tumors, or other symptoms of oral disease

If your diagnostic analysis reveals these or any other problems, then we’ll discuss appropriate treatment options, and schedule your next visit as soon as possible.

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