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Six Month Smiles: Why You Should Skip DIY Braces

Salvatore Korecki, DMD

Though new to the market, DIY braces and braces clubs are becoming popular these days. Companies like Smile Direct Club and SnapCorrect are making promises of cheaper, faster braces-free teeth straightening from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, they consistently fall short of expectations, being unable to resolve many dental problems, costing more money over time, and offering virtually no customer service.

But what is the alternative for someone looking for something different than the standard braces experience? You should talk to us about Six Month Smiles. From start to end, Six Month Smiles program delivers on every promise made by these Braces Clubs, but we give you the support and expertise your mouth deserves instead of leaving you alone with poorly fitting trays and pain.

How to Start

The first step in braces and aligners is to take a mold of the current teeth positioning. Braces Clubs expect you to do this alone, but this step is actually very easy to mess up and can be extremely challenging for a person doing the first time. Even more so if the person is doing it on themselves! For Six Month Smiles, we will take the mold in-office and can adjust and retake it to ensure we get the right details the first time.

Fitting the Braces or Aligners

Braces Clubs use a series of aligners, similar in concept (but not quality or accuracy) to Invisalign. Six Month Smiles uses invisible braces instead. The reason behind the braces is to maximize the short time span by working for 24/7 and keep the teeth secure, allowing the roots and jaw to adjust every step of the way. Aligners only adjust the teeth, which may be fine if the process is elongated, but can cause root damage if the adjustment in tooth placement is quick.

Realistic Straightening

When you come to our office for Six Month Smiles, we can access your teeth, your dental needs, and your expectations. Using the invisible braces, we can adjust the tooth placement, shifting multiple teeth and adjusting crowding. Braces Clubs cannot do this. They use aligners to straighten teeth by pushing the teeth forward and curving them around the jaw line. This method does not work on everyone and can result in overbites and underbites, which require new orthodontic intervention and expenses.

Constant Support

The orthodontic process is a hands-on one for good reason. Things change, bites adapt, brackets pop off, and trays snap. When you get Six Month Smiles, you get our in-office expertise. When you sign up with a Braces Club, you get to wait… and wait… and wait. Your recourse for solving issues is 7-10 weeks, during which time your process is at a stand still. Actually, a delay of weeks can even reverse a lot of the progress, resulting in even further delays to the final results.

It Isn’t Cheaper

We understand that the strongest draw of Braces Clubs is the price, but even that is a misunderstanding. When the Braces Clubs are quoting prices, they are comparing their short-term process with the full price, full service offering which treats large format orthodontic issues. When comparing apples-to-apples of realigning shifting teeth, on-office braces can be the same price or even cheaper. The cost of orthodontics has to do with the severity of the issue, complexity of treatment, and longevity of the process. Six Month Smiles in our office gives the benefit of orthodontic care at a quick pace and lower cost.

Get an Assessment

Every smile is different, and we hope Six Month Smiles will work for you. Come in today and we’ll review your options to create a long lasting, straight, well balanced smile as quickly and safely as possible. Call us to schedule your appointment. 203-951-5540


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