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Toothbrush Etiquette 101

Brushing your teeth exists as an integral practice to maintaining optimum oral health. Furthermore, care and storage for your toothbrush should be considered important. Studies have shown that your oral brushing instrument could, in fact, harbor bacteria if cared for improperly. Although your body constantly defends itself from harmful microorganisms, brushing with a dirty toothbrush and adding to the mix of 600 different kinds of identifiable bacteria in your mouth isn’t advised.

Happy Hour Guide: How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

It may only be Tuesday, but it’s almost five o’clock, and you can hear those happy hour specials calling your name. Before you hit the bar with your coworkers, however, you should take a few minutes to think about how alcohol impacts your smile. In this post, your cosmetic dentist in Milford explains what happens to your teeth when you drink and outlines your best choices the next time you go to the bar.

7 Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Do you take good care of your teeth? Like many patients, you may answer yes, thinking that proper dental care simply means daily brushing, flossing, and biannual dental appointments. While those habits are certainly vital for your oral health, there is more involved when it comes to caring for your teeth. You may be surprised to learn that some of the things you do on a regular basis can actually cause significant dental damage,

Family Dentist Shares Tips for Protecting Lips from Winter Weather

Having chapped lips can be very painful and even embarrassing. Yet with the constant cold weather of this time of year, getting chapped lips may seem inevitable. According to your Milford family dentist, Dr. Mitchell I. Quintner, lips become chapped because of a lack of moisture, and the winter season is accomplished in sapping the moisture from lips very quickly.